Medical Negligence
Poor Gps

Patients who have been subjected to a poor standard of care from their GPs are legally entitled to claim compensation for their personal injury if the GP in question acted negligently.

How much compensation will I be awarded if I make a claim against my GP for failing to diagnose my illness?

The amount of compensation the claimant will receive is quantitative and will have to be calculated accurately based on a number of factors that are unique in every case. The amount of compensation you will receive for the personal injury you sustained when your GP failed to diagnose your illness will, mainly, be dependent on the severity of the injury you sustained and the level of impact the injury had on your day-to-day life.

Michael Lewin solicitors will not just concentrate on accessing the highest compensation award available for your individual personal injury; we will also ensure you are fully compensated for any additional costs you have incurred as a result of your GP failing to diagnose your illness. We can claim your medical costs if you are required for the treatment as a result of your GP failing to diagnose a serious condition. Medical costs can be very expensive and you are entitled to claim them back if your GP is responsible for you requiring additional treatment in the first place.

Patients are also entitled to claim compensation for the loss of income if the poor level of treatment they have received from their GPs has rendered them unable to go to work. Michael Lewin solicitors will aim to access you the maximum level of compensation you are entitled to if you have been unable to work due to an extended period of illness following your GP’s negligence.

Those who have sustained a serious illness or injury as a direct result of their GPs negligence in diagnosing the illness correctly can also claim back their care costs if they have needed to fund the cost of care whilst recovering from their illness. If for example, your GP failed to diagnose you were suffering from a serious illness which led to a sudden deterioration of your health, leaving you unable to look after your children effectively, you may find you have to pay hundreds of even thousands of pounds in childcare costs in order to access care for your dependents. Michael Lewin solicitors will ensure you are able to access compensation for any care costs you have had to pay as a direct result of your illness or injury.

Mr D enquired about making a compensation claim against his GP because he believed that his GP failed to properly examine him, after he had complained of chronic back pain, which resulted in a delay in diagnosing and treating prolapsed disc. Mr D claims the delay was several years.

If you have been subjected to a poor level of treatment from one of your GPs, you need to speak to one of the claims specialists from Michael Lewin solicitors on (0844) 844 9860 as soon as possible in order to determine your eligibility to start a compensation claim.

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